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 Semmering Tour (full day)

You are a fan of historical railroads and you like beautiful scenery? Then we highly recommend you to go with us to the resort town of Semmering which can be reached by Austria´s oldest mountain railroad. Built between 1848 and 1854 it passes through some extraordinary Austrian mountain scenery. In 1998 it was acknowledged by UNESCO World Heritage Center.

Suggested route:

Autobahr A2 to Gloggnitz - train raid to Semmering - pick up from the train station - walking tour through Semmering - drive through Adlitzergraben to Payerbach - Reichenau an der Rax - Höllental (Devil´s Valley) - Gutenstein - Pernitz - Myrer Waterfalls.


 Hallstatt Tour (full day)

Land of the mountains, land of the river (Danube), this is the name of the Austrian national anthem. As 70% of Austria´s territory are covered by the Alps. Why not take a trip there and visit Austria´s most beautiful mountain town Hallstatt and its surroundings which was honored by the UNESCO in 1997 (World Natural Heritage). 


Suggested route:

Autobahn A1 - Gmunden - Lake Traunsee - Traunkirchen - Bad Ischl (spa town) - Gosau - Lake Gosau - Lake Hallstatt - Hallstatt.